Persistence is more important than talent.....There is a reason why “Student” comes first in “Student Athlete.”.....If you are jogging, stretching or playing catch, make sure you do it better than anyone else.....Respect the game as much as you want to be respected.....The direction of your hat is the direction of your life.....Practice the way you play games… All go, no quit.....It doesn’t take talent to hustle.....Be a student of the game, learn it’s history and you learn the game.....Help your team win if your playing or not.....Never argue with an umpire, they remember faces.....Allow your coaches to coach you.....Don’t skip classes, would you skip practice?.....Strive to be as good in the classroom as you are on the field.....Set high standards along with knowing the steps to attain them.....Don’t tell people how good you are, prove it......Your friends are not more important than your future, don’t give into peer pressure.....Your parents love you, but they don’t know more about baseball than your coach.....Don’t let anyone make an excuse for you.....Maintain eye contact, it shows maturity and respect.....In baseball, it’s your coaches opinion that matters, not your friends. Remember who makes the lineup.....Life is not fair, regardless of what some people may tell you.....Be enthusiastic about your teammates.....Love the game.....The only thing your coach owes you is honesty.....Body language screams, it never whispers.....Balance makes champions, if you focus on just hitting and ignore defense, you will never become a complete player.....Defense wins games.....Pitching sets the tone of the game.....Games are lost, not won. Mistakes lead to losses.....You can win a league with a few good pitchers, titles are won with great pitching staffs.....Work on your game everyday, the team that beat you does.....Who you are today is the result of who you were in the past! Work ethic???.....You don’t have to be a great player to be a great “ball player,” hustle......Show off your talent to your coach and your future coach.....Baseball doesn’t build character, it reveals it.....Character means doing the right thing when nobody’s watching
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  • Increased muscle mass does not necessarily equate to more home runs, a faster fastball or even increased running speed.
  • The “alactic anaerobic” (Phospho-creatine) energy system is the primary system used in playing baseball, not the “aerobic” energy system.
  • Throwing, hitting, and running are short-burst, high velocity, ballistic movements that require tremendous physical force and power.
  • To improve your hitting, throwing, or running, you must use baseball exercises that closely relate to the specific conditioning demands of these activities.
With all the muscles in the body, the two common muscles that are used and developed are the fast twitch muscles fibers (the quick movement muscles) and the slow twitch muscles (the strong muscles.) Very few sports require maximal strength. To gain speed and strength with the same coordination, a baseball players needs to develop their fast twitch muscles up to 70% more than the slow twitch muscles. To accelerate quickly, pitch forcefully, and hit powerfully, you have to be able to apply as much of your strength as quickly as possible. Playing baseball is more quick movements with endurance, so players need to train that way. Your program will be customized to your needs with the realization that each position requires slightly different motions.

Each Max Potential Player will put themselves through a training circuit that is customized to their strengths and weaknesses. Once a month, Max Potential Players will meet with their Strike Zone Coach and assess their program and make the necessary adjustments to maximize their performance. You don’t want to miss this training. For serious athletes only.

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